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An exclusive and intimate summer retreat in the High Rocky Mountains

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Twee Merrigan invites you to her mountain resort home town of Breckenridge, Colorado for an exclusive and intimate summer retreat in the High Rocky Mountains. Welcoming special guest teachers and musician friends, this seven day adventure includes: Yoga | Hiking | Stand Up Paddle | Mountain Biking | Yoga Nidra | Meditation | Nature | Rest & Relaxation | Vegan Cuisine | Cannabis as Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Awareness & Education.


July 15 - 21, 2018

Invest in yourself this season. Retreat pricing includes all yoga and meditation practices, (3) organic vegan meals on all full days, special welcome dinner at beautiful local restaurant, fire ceremonies, all outdoor activities, and transportation to and from activities.

$1295 per person

Time to Connect

freedom for yourself

Each full day, there are a few hours to spend without agenda. Here are some FREEDOM TIME suggestions.

Day 1: Take a nap or journal or read outdoors in a hammock, rent a bike for the week to easily cruise around town and on bike trails, take an afternoon yoga class at local yoga studio, explore even more numerous trails just walking distance from your accommodations, book into your included retreat massage,receive extra support at these high elevations at the nearby oxygen bar, or stroll along Mainstreet and get your bearings of where to find art galleries, art studios, the town library, & bookstores. There are world class recreational facilities (with indoor pool, rock climbing, unlimited fitness and yoga classes), restaurant row, airport row for sacred plant medicine cannabis offerings & education, the Riverwalk Welcome & Tourism center.

Day 2: Enjoy more time in the water by renting a SUP board after lunch to float around the pond or stay on land and get your creative juices flowing by exploring the beauty of Breck through your camera lens or paintbrushes and canvas. A spontaneous pop-up art class might arise with your interest and initiation.

Day 3: Rent your mountain bike for a little more adventure on the trails or rent a SUP to lay down, float on the pond and meditate on the passing clouds. Trail hiking abounds. Or, maybe now it’s time to get on the hammock, in the hot tub at Bivvi, or snooze under a cool shaded tree with no alarm other than the birds singing nearby.

Day 4: Private Time to book for yourself or as smaller groups for rafting, jeeping, mountain biking, road biking, sailing, hiking, gold mining tours, or a full day in nature or at the spa. This would be the day to go for your first or one of many 14-ers (14,000 ft elevation climb) available to you here in Breck. We can connect you with a local mountain outfitter to prepare for a half day or full day expedition!

Day 5: There’s lots of freedom time today to pack, shop for gifts, take in another afternoon adventure, get that massage booked, or to sit in nature quietly to journal how you will seamlessly transition back towards home and what you will do to keep the magic of this mountain retreat in your breath, blood, heart and cellular memory. We will help give a bunch of support!



Incredible Cuisine

What are some examples of vegan cuisine? Wow. That’s a mixed bag that only our vegan chef can answer. Below is a sample menu. Each day's meals will vary, but you may see a few items listed below. All of the meals are chef-prepared and use high quality, organic, NON-gmo, and local ingredients.


Rainbow carrot fritti

Mushroom gremolata

Purple pierogi

Lemon dill dijon yogurt & pesto

Main Course

Zucchini pasta, beetballs & romesco

Butternut lasagna with mushroom, spinach, & eggplant

 Braised leeks, beets, & baby bellas

Spinach white bean risotto cakes


CauliShroom Soup

Citrus fennel kaleslaw


Blueberry zeppole

Coco-cinnamon ice cream

Grilled apple compote

Stay now.jpg

Enjoying Breckenridge

We want you to know Breckenridge as a home away from home! This retreat offers a lot of opportunity to explore this beautiful mountain town and all that it provides. You will be spending time all around town throughout the week, and a lot of time in great outdoors. Many of our gatherings and meals together will be at the local gathering place Bivvi, where you can choose to stay too! Or, you can explore Airbnb, local B&Bs, and other hotels for accommodations.

Bivvi with Roots Retreats.jpg

Bivvi: on retreat

Breckenridge Retreat July.png

Airbnb: at home


Retreat Details

On this retreat we balance on jagged rocks and smooth round fallen trees along the trails to better understand what we really have inside of us for when life is not a solid wood surface bamboo floor covered with eco-friendly sticky yoga mats on which we can count to stay still. Who are we when our foundations crumble or shift? Who is the real living yogi who will reveal himself/herself when it’s not all so perfect? YOU are the yogis we invite to join us; those of you who know yoga to be beyond the yoga mat and four walls and beyond expectations and goals; you who dive into the mystery with a smile and an open heart.


What will each day be like? 

Our schedule may change depending on the High Rocky Mountain daily weather so we can offer best times/days to enjoy outdoor activities.

Yoga is all the time. Everywhere. It’s up to us individually, to consciously and mindfully embrace it the moment we become aware that’s it’s All Yoga All The Time. That said, all “yoga classes” on the itinerary are optional and inclusive of the retreat. You might enjoy FREE TIME instead of the afternoon Hike & Yoga Nidra classes in the Forest or the Sacred Plant Medicine ceremony in the forest, or even if you choose not to enjoy one of the scheduled outdoor activities. There will be reimbursement to the individual guest only if a scheduled activity is canceled by tour guide operator and payment is reimbursed to Roots Retreats.

All cannabis (as Sacred Plant Medicine) will be consumed as per the Colorado laws and purchased by individual guests. Roots Retreat staff and teachers will be your guides and will not be responsible for buying or delivering cannibus to any guests. 


How do we get to the retreat?

You can drive to Breckenridge from wherever you are joining us. Here are some direction tips for getting to us here in the High Rockies! If you are flying to Colorado, check out these shuttle services from the Denver Airport.


How much yoga/meditation will we do each day? What are some examples of classes/workshops included in the retreat?

This trip is about Living Yoga verses practicing Yoga Asana. We even suggest to leave your yoga mat at home! Many of our yoga sessions will be along the trails while hiking or mountain biking and on the water during our stand up paddle (SUP) yoga classes. Our yoga nidras and meditations will be offered amongst the trees and trails (when the weather is supporting at the moment).

A minimum of (3) hours of yoga is scheduled daily.

Additional yoga packages can be purchased at an additional investment at Meta Yoga (local and very walkable yoga studios (with yoga mats!) at a discounted rate through Roots Retreats. 


How will we benefit from the retreat? Why is this retreat different/special?

...Because it’s all about the outdoors and practicing yoga in the Goddess’s backyard. This retreats incorporates optional daily “Cannabis as Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony” workshops and meditations in a responsible, educational, and supportive environment. It’s about showcasing Breckenridge, Colorado and its beauty. The retreat develops one's ability to apply yoga tools and techniques as an artist and scientist every day, yoga living, whether in the High Rocky Mountains or in the concrete jungles of an urban city. It’s about living the fullness of Yoga and not just practicing the physical asana. It’s about enjoying or challenging ourselves, and taking risks even if we are (not yet) comfortable with hiking, mountain biking, or SUPing, or any mountain sports that push us to our edges. It’s about being vulnerable AND excited about nature’s unpredictable elements and observing oneself amongst a peaceful and seamless flow, and perhaps re-centering ourselves amongst (what might seem to be) the chaos that can arrive when unexpected winds and clouds appear in the distance! Such is life. We are exploring how we live yoga verses only how we practice on a mat.


What is the Teachers Come for Free Program?
Teacher Incentive.jpg

teacher incentive

Join July's retreat as a teacher and as a student.

Roots Retreats is offering a Teacher Incentive for July 2018's adventure in Breckenridge. Certified yoga teachers of 200 hours or above can apply to teach morning classes on the retreat, so they can offer their practice, grow their community, and also take time for themselves as students. For every student a teacher signs up, he or she receives a $300 rebate toward his or her own retreat. (4) referrals = a FREE retreat! Plus, pay for traveling and accommodations too: any additional referral rebates after (4) sign ups can be applied to traveling costs.* If you are interested in being a part of this program, please fill out the form below. Roots Retreats will touch base with those teachers accepted into the program with further information and with promotional materials to share with their local collective.


*Referral bonuses will be paid to referring teacher within (15) business days of the last day of retreat. Any cancellations or partial reimbursement of students investments towards the retreat will affect any compensation to their teacher for the Teacher Incentive Program. All referrals must be first time students to Twee Merrigan.  This is a non-transferable offer.


What do we need to bring?

Please bring a reusable water bottle (hot/cold), rain jacket, backpack, hiking shoes, eco sunscreen (coconut oil), sun hat, journal, a mobile hammock, sustainable toiletries... Pack light, live Light!


How will "sacred plant medicine" be used?

An accredited Cannabis Guide will offer introductory awareness sessions at both the daily afternoon ceremonies and the Wednesday night “Cannabis as Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony: Education, Awareness & Healing Benefits.” These practices are optional. We are happy to answer any follow up questions you may have.